Moulin de Kergoff

22720 Senven-Léhart

Access to the watermill

Coming from Rennes or Brest
via the main road (RN12)

  • Exit the main road (RN12) in Plouagat, Lanrodec D4

  • Follow the secondary road (D4) until Moulin de Kergoff

  • In Lanrodec, turn left following Saint-Pever

  • Then continue straight, you will go through hamlets and le bois Meur

  • You will get to a 3-way junction, turn left following Saint-Fiacre

  • Go through Saint-Fiacre going straight and follow the road signs “Le Moulin de Kergoff”

Coming from the South,
from the Morbihan

  • On the road going from Pontivy to Guingamp, 10 km after Corlay, take a right “la Clarté”.

  • Then St-Connan, Seven-Léhart, there follow Saint-Fiacre.

  • Road signs will take you to Le Moulin de Kergoff.